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ALLADIN'S RING not only focusing on training but also in the developing and upliftment of SMME, community organizations and individuals.

Our products range from:

Construction Building Courses - Western and Northern Cape - South Africa - Alladin's Ring - TrainingBUILDING CONSTRUCTION

  • Bricklaying
  • Plastering
  • General Plumbing
  • Roofing / Carpentry



Civil Construction Courses - Western and Northern Cape - South Africa - Alladin's Ring - TrainingCIVIL CONSTRUCTION

  • Paving
  • Kerbing
  • Water and Sewer pipe laying
  • Stormwater pipe laying
  • Road works
  • Levelling


Construction Management Courses - Western and Northern Cape - South Africa - Alladin's Ring - TrainingCONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT

  • Tendering
  • Construction Administration
  • Quality Principles
  • Legal Requirements


Construction Supervision

Health and Safety at the work place

Basic First aid



Construction project management services is offered to contractors. Contractors who need services such as Project management, Project administration, Financial management, Quality control, Material management and general management services need to apply with ALLADIN'S RING.

ALLADIN'S RING offers a mentoring service to students and employees to ensure quality is adhere to the training outcomes.




Our training is classroom and workshop based, with the emphasis on practical hands on training. Student manuals, tools and material are provided to practice the skills that are taught to the students. Training programs consist of, multi-skilling and re-skilling of existing or retrenched employees, disabled people and women to meet a specified need in the technical industry. Program difficulty varies from very basic to advanced training and focuses on providing training opportunities to artisans, general workers and artisan aides.



ALLADIN'S RING customises its outcomes based training to suit the needs of the client. Effective communication with key persons is critical to the success of the training.

Practical skills are taught
to the learners



Mobility and Flexibility is the key to our survival. However, fixed training programs are provided in our training centre as learnerships, where basic core principles of trades are taught. ALLADIN'S RING believes in taking the training to the people, as there are sample training centres available throughout Southern Africa. Courses are presented and students recruited from within the communities, where graduates will operate their businesses from or where they will be employed. Travelling and accommodation costs for students are minimised and students have the advantage of having an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the market in which they will operate.

Taking training to the people



Over and above the Technical skills, the Company specialises in Business Skills as a holistic part of the development process. Our Business skills focuses on running small businesses where services and products will be sold by the students or where business understanding is key to the employees of a company. In the SMME development programs the students are encouraged to start up their businesses, whilst receiving training to experience the satisfaction and motivation gained by earning one's own money.



For a period after the training a comprehensive support system is set up to help the graduates to establish their own businesses. The students attend after-care meetings where business, marketing and technical issues are discussed and problems solved with the help of a qualified facilitator. It is an opportunity to exchange best practices, network with peers, suppliers and potential customers and remain abreast of new products on the market.


As the number of unemployed people in Africa grows, the need for small, medium and micro enterprise increases in order to create new jobs. It is the firm belief of ALLADIN'S RING that the creation of entrepreneurs will generate further employment opportunities.

Entrepreneurial training is focused on community development and job creation in communities amongst the unemployed. Participants are given the opportunity to become entrepreneurs by equipping themselves with technical skills, business skills and tools to enable them to start their own businesses. Through these programs and products, retrenched and unemployed people are taught a skill which they can use to start and run their own manufacturing or service business.

In a holistic approach to community development, entrepreneurial development will help students to manufacture goods that they can sell, provide a repair service on household appliances or sell a service which is needed in the labour market.

Our close co-operation with social workers, community leaders, and field workers ensures that skills training are tailored to meet the needs of the specific community. Recruitment and selection of trainees is conducted in co-operation with local community leaders.
The objective is to create a hub of niche enterprises that co exist to the advantage of the community.